Articles are coming back!

I, your Editor in Chief Jenna, needed a little bit of a break from writing.

Why did I need a break? If you didn’t know, I work full time. My company did some rearranging and my workload got heavier, even though on paper it looks the same. Creativity needs to flow and I need be able to get into that groove. A lot of the GJC articles are creative, but also a little technical because we are writing interviews with other people. So, I have not had the creative juices because of how stressful work was, but I have absolutely thought about it almost everyday. Also, while people might write for me, editing still takes focus that I truthfully have not had.

Even though I stopped writing, I was able to continue to produce Growing in Jersey City events because many of the events we do repeat throughout the year - Open Mic Night happens every other month (soon to be every month) and Wellness Day happens once a year. So we have lots planned and great events coming up that I hope you are able to join us for.

So what are these events:

January Open Mic Night with Crystal Letters on January 15 at Froth on Franklin and we hope to have an open mic night every month go forward! We will be donating any profits made to the Jersey City Arts Programl.

GJC Wellness Day 2019 - Join us for our 3rd annual wellness day on January 27 9:45-4pm at Nimbus Dance Works. It will be a full day of Wellness, Health, and Fitness covering everything: yoga, meditation, Zumba, full body workouts, Chinese Medicine, diet culture, life coaching, food coaches, amazing food, clothing, and more. Tickets are $35 and this year we have a VIP ticket with a GJC Tote filled with vendor product worth $50.

Thank you to our sponsors - Erin Kumpf Acupuncture and Herbs, Jersey City Health Department, Carepoint Health, and HDSID.

And stay tuned for all the articles we have in our queue!

If you are interested in getting involved with Growing in Jersey City - we are always looking for writers or content for social media please email us. And we need about 5 more volunteers for Wellness Day (2 hr volunteer time and you get to participate in the event when you are not volunteering). Email us!

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